Tax Collection

Does the collector of the Tax and Customs Administration hold you liable for the tax arrears of your company or of somebody else? Has the collector levied an attachment on your assets, another person’s assets or at the bank or does he threaten to do so? Or even worse, does the collector petition for the liquidation of your company or for the bankruptcy of yourself? If so, contact us quickly. We can help you to address the most immediate and urgent needs and prevent any further damage. In addition, it is important to realise long-term solutions. There are often more options available than you think and we will be pleased to provide assistance!

Contact us to find out what the options are. We can be reached daily by telephone between 08:30 and 17:30 and by e-mail outside these hours.

Searches conducted by the FIOD and the police

“I did not know what was happening to me: the FIOD together with the police were suddenly standing on my doorstep early in the morning in order to carry out a search.” Nobody wants to go through a FIOD raid at their home! It can be very overwhelming when 25 police officers are standing at your door while you know nothing about it. Indicating your boundaries is very important in order to ensure that you do not comply with the FIOD’s wishes unnecessarily. You should therefore immediately call a lawyer at the moment the raid is conducted so that this lawyer can be onsite quickly to oversee the situation and provide a sound solution.

As lawyers, we always work in a solution-oriented manner in these types of situations and we are strict when we have to be. The service we guarantee to you in order to prevent unpleasant situations at all times! You can check under Fraud for information concerning such cases or you can contact us for advice. We can be reached daily by telephone between 08.30 hours and 17.30 hours and by e-mail outside these hours.