Insolvency (insolvency law)

Is your business threatened by bankruptcy? Is the plug about to be pulled? We are very sorry to hear this and it can be a painful moment for many reasons! Both for you as an entrepreneur and for your employees. We understand this like no other and would therefore be pleased to help you!

Engaging a bankruptcy lawyer

If your business has been declared bankrupt your best course of action is to engage a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy lawyer helps you handle matters you may have no or little knowledge of. This lawyer specialises in insolvency law and mainly arranges for the liquidation of the relevant business and the collection of money to pay the claims of the creditors.

We have sat on the other side of the table as trustee for a long time. We understand how a bankruptcy works and understand the complexity of the situation. We are therefore able to help you properly and discretely. Would you like to contact us? We can be reached daily by telephone between 08.30 hours and 17.30 hours and by e-mail outside these hours.

Bankruptcy process

In the event your business encounters financial problems and the plug is pulled, we will contribute our ideas regarding complex bankruptcy arrangements. Expert legal advice from a bankruptcy lawyer is what you need at such times.

In case of a bankruptcy, we look after the interests of all parties as a result of which your company and any employees are able to conclude the overwhelming majority of cases properly. We jointly determine a strategy on the basis of which we will commence the bankruptcy process. We always commit ourselves 100%. We look at you as a person and at your business because we are of the opinion that concerns and questions can be a standard need in such situations.

The insolvency lawyer

The role of our insolvency lawyer is to assist our client in court. We are familiar with the perspective and the interests of trustees and creditors. Our experts will therefore leave no stone unturned to assist you and secure the best possible result.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We can be reached daily by telephone between 08.30 hours and 17.30 hours and by e-mail outside these hours.

Searches conducted by the FIOD and the police

“I did not know what was happening to me: the FIOD together with the police were suddenly standing on my doorstep early in the morning in order to carry out a search.” Nobody wants to go through a FIOD raid at their home! It can be very overwhelming when 25 police officers are standing at your door while you know nothing about it. Indicating your boundaries is very important in order to ensure that you do not comply with the FIOD’s wishes unnecessarily. You should therefore immediately call a lawyer at the moment the raid is conducted so that this lawyer can be onsite quickly to oversee the situation and provide a sound solution.

As lawyers, we always work in a solution-oriented manner in these types of situations and we are strict when we have to be. The service we guarantee to you in order to prevent unpleasant situations at all times! You can check under Fraud for information concerning such cases or you can contact us for advice. We can be reached daily by telephone between 08.30 hours and 17.30 hours and by e-mail outside these hours.