What does tax fraud mean exactly? Tax fraud means that you personally or your business (as taxpayer) intentionally fails to comply with tax obligations. Tax offences, such tax fraud or tax evasion, could have severe consequences. Engaging a fraud lawyer is very advisable to prevent any follow-up situations. A lawyer specialising in tax fraud offers fast and high-quality assistance. We get to work in a personal and expert manner!

A FIOD raid may take place in some cases. The FIOD is often intimidating and rarely gentle Would you like to obtain information on what you should do in such cases? If so, please contact us, we can assist you immediately with our appropriate expertise.

FIOD raid

What is a FIOD raid? The FIOD enters the picture when the Tax and Customs Administration suspects fraud on the part of a taxpayer. They present the situation to the FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service). The FIOD visits your home or your company during a raid. They may ask for data and information also concerning customers and suppliers. It is important during a FIOD raid to provide as little information as possible and wait for a lawyer who will assist you in this connection. You are not obliged to answer the FIOD’s questions during the raid itself. FT-advocaten is pleased to assist you in such situations. Contact us immediately via 086 006 2222. We can be reached day and night and always strive for a pleasant solution! 

Tax fraud and tax evasion

Tax and criminal law are linked inextricably in case of a serious charge of tax fraud. These forms of law form are our daily routine and our knowledge and expertise are therefore highly suitable. In case of tax fraud, every snippet of information is important to be taken into account. The reason being that sanctions are severe and you as a private person or your business therefore have a lot to lose.

Voluntary disclosure scheme: what does it mean?

A voluntary disclosure scheme is a voluntary correction by the taxpayer in order to avoid fines. This is the case for example if you have (significant) undeclared assets abroad. You can declare these assets within a certain period without becoming subject to maximum fines or a criminal investigation. A taxpayer may ‘repent’ and correct the tax return in order to avert these consequences.

Sharp strategic ability is what we stand for as lawyers. We therefore assist you for the full 100% in such situations. For example, we assist you in case of:

  • Tax fraud
  • Voluntary correction
  • Money laundering
  • FIOD raid
  • Other tax proceedings

Do you require information concerning one of the above-mentioned procedures or schemes? If so, please contact us. We can be reached daily by telephone between 08:30 and 17:30 and by e-mail outside these hours.

As specialists we are pleased to assist you!

What if you suddenly can’t withdraw any money?

Several situations can be mentioned in which we as lawyers can take action. For example, we regularly receive requests from clients whose bank account has been seized by the Tax and Customs Administration. Does your partner still have an outstanding tax debt for example? The Tax and Customs Administration may block your own debit card in some cases. We can prevent these situations by threatening with preliminary relief proceedings for example.