Mark Hendriks

Mark Hendriks joined FT-advocaten (formerly Jaegers & Soons) in 2003, rapidly acquiring a reputation as a powerfully persuasive tax lawyer with plenty of tact and resourcefulness. After graduating from Tilburg University with a degree in Tax Law and following several professional courses, Mark spent a few years working as a tax consultant at PwC. He’s now an expert on tax law and his clients appreciate his dedication and thoroughness. He’s known to be a tenacious litigator who is not afraid of taking decisive action. 

Mark often makes the Dutch newspapers, thanks to his part in cases involving foreign assets. A prime example, featured on the Dutch current affairs programme Nieuwsuur and in major Dutch newspapers such as NRC and Telegraaf is the high-profile case in which the President of the Court reported the Ministry of Finance to the Public Prosecutor.


  • Tax-related lawsuits (objections and appeals)
  • Tax-Penalty Law and Criminal Tax Law
  • Appeals to the Supreme Court
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Help with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft)
  • Lawsuits involving foreign assets

Mark is a member of:

  • The Nederlandse Vereniging van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen (NVAB) [The Dutch Association of Lawyer-Tax Consultants]
  • The Vereniging voor Belastingwetenschap [Society for Tax Studies]
  • The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB)
  • The Commissie Formeel Belastingrecht NOB [The NOB’s Procedural Tax Law Committee]
  • The Vereniging van Cassatiespecialisten Belastingkamer (VCSB) [The Association of Tax Division Appeal Specialists]

In addition, Mark teaches Procedural Tax Law at the Stichting Opleiding Belastingadviseurs (SOB), annotates articles for the journal Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht (NTFR) and is much in demand as a speaker.

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A resolute lawyer with tactical acumen