About us

FT-advocaten in a nutshell: ‘FT-advocaten believes in the power of a Fair Trial. A Fair Trial we conduct together with our clients. Personal, expert and discrete. Our services are characterised by fast assistance and practical solutions provided by expert specialists who are easily accessible. Complex situations are a challenge rather than problem for us. We are there for private persons and companies now and in the future! Do you need our assistance?

We always work in a solution-oriented manner and we are strict when we have to be.

Knowledge and expertise

As a specialist in tax (criminal) law and law on tax collection, we would be pleased to become acquainted with you and the relevant cases with which we can assist you. Tax proceedings, fraud and tax collection are daily routine for us. Combining knowledge of tax law with knowledge of other areas of law, such as criminal law or civil law is a basic principle within our company. We have held our own for more than 25 years with an ambitious team of lawyers and tax experts.

Our services: always nearby

Our services are characterised by the power of ambition, drive and focus on results. Nearby, solution-oriented and together. Our head office is established in Nijmegen, as we are the largest law firm in the eastern part of the Netherlands. However, we not only have an office in Nijmegen, but also in Amsterdam. Do you require a lawyer in the west? If so, a lawyer from Amsterdam would be the ideal solution!

Always 100%

The work we perform is supplementary to the work performed by accountants and tax consultants. We start where the tax advice fails to deliver the desired result and the tax authorities do not share your opinion. We go far for our clients and we are not afraid of jumping in at the deep end together with you. Everything with 100% attention and focus on a successful outcome. Contact us and visit our offices where you will feel understood. Something we make sure you will not fail to notice. We are there for you.

We don’t leave any stones unturned

Don’t expect FT-advocaten to make vague promises or provide nebulous case files. Clients come to us because we are clear about what we can do for them. It means that every case we take on gets our full attention, dedication and time, and we don’t leave any stones unturned. As a result, we succeed in closing the majority of our cases successfully. We go that extra mile for our clients and dare to devise a strategy at an early stage - even in long-term procedures.